CREADRENE 90 Tablets
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CREADRENE 90 Tablets
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CREADRENE 90 Tablets
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CREADRENE - The Ultimate Creatine Formulation!

CREADRENE contains the equivalent of 1 serving of creatine powder in just 3 convenient tablets from 3 different creatine sources…


Now you can avoid the aggravation of having to mix powders but still get the same great benefits!

What should I expect from taking CREADRENE?

• Increased Muscle Bulk
• Decreased Fatigue
• Decreased Recovery Time
• Improved Performance
• Increased Muscle Torque
• Increased Muscle Cell Volume
• Increased Muscle Energy
• Increased Muscle Strength
• Increased Muscle Endurance
• Enhanced Recovery

CREADRENE may dramatically increase total bodyweight and muscle mass more than weight training on it’s own. CREADRENE helps to increase muscle mass, strength and recovery from muscle fatigue. Athletes have reported an increase in intra-muscular hydration (bigger pumps while training). Latest research also shows that supplementation with creatine may increase your resting metabolic rate (RMR). This means you may burn fat faster than normal…even when resting.

CREADRENE plays a key role in the replenishment of anaerobic energy stores. Ninety-five per cent of the body's stored creatine is found in skeletal muscle. The energy for muscle contraction comes from adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP). After ATP is used, it must be regenerated from phosphocreatine stored in the body during intense, brief exercise. Creatine must be available to replenish phosphocreatine.

There is consistent evidence that creatine supplementation may help replenish and increase phosphocreatine stores to delay the onset of fatigue during intense exercise, as well as reduce recovery time between maximal bouts of exercise.

CREADRENE has a unique triphase formula:

1. Creatine Monohydrate: is produced naturally by the body and is essential for the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is utilised by the muscle fiber during physical exertion. As ATP levels are depleted, muscles become fatigued and levels of lactic acid increase. Supplementing the body with creatine monohydrate helps saturate muscle tissue with stores of creatine helping to increase stamina and decrease recovery time. Supplementation with CREADRENE has been shown to increase muscle levels of phosphocreatine - the compound used by the body to replenish energy during high-intensity explosive exercise. A large number of studies have investigated the relationship between creatine supplementation and subsequent exercise performance, and many of these have demonstrated a positive impact on performance in events requiring explosive power, such as sprinting.

2. Creatine Pyruvate: provides a form of creatine that is bound to pyruvic acid. Once ingested, hydrochloric acid in the stomach splits the creatine and pyruvic acid into their ionic forms, which allows each to be readily absorbed into the bloodstream. Because the ionic form of creatine does not have to be processed by the liver, much smaller amounts of creatine pyrvuate can equal the same benefits realised by taking 5-6 times as much creatine monohydrate!

Creatine Pyruvate is a combination of Creatine and Pyruvate, both of which are impressive ergogenic (energy) producers and have been highly touted for building muscle and reducing body fat. The performance-enhancing effects of creatine monohydrate and pyruvate are combined for the first time in this unique nutritional formula designed to boost energy and endurance. Creatine regenerates the primary energy immediately available to muscles involved in short, intense contractions. Creatine also serves as a buffer, delaying the point at which lactic acid causes muscle fatigue and discomfort. Increasing creatine energises muscle for prolonged endurance and optimal work output in activities such as weight lifting and sprinting. Pyruvate stimulates glucose extraction from blood into muscle during exercise and at rest, priming muscle with a carbohydrate content essential for greater endurance. In clinical studies, pyruvate reduced gain in body fat without reducing muscle protein, an important factor in increasing lean muscle mass. Supplementation with Creatine Pyruvate provides complementary nutritional suppot for maximising muscular performance and endurance in high-intensity exercise programs.

Creatine Pyruvate is 10 times more soluble than either Creatine or Pyruvate and it is also more bioavailable so that it takes less to do the job. Moreover, a loading dose is not necessary. The "stabilised and improved" Pyruvate in this product is also more bioavailable which means that large amounts of minerals (Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, etc.) are not ingested with the pyruvate. This lessens the possiblity of adverse reactions associated with large amounts of minerals, e.g. fluid retention. Simply put, Creatine Pyruvate is a stronger, more powerful and safer form of Creatine and Pyruvate.

3. Creatine Phosphate: is the compound that directly replenishes ATP. ATP provides the energy by releasing one of its phosphate molecules - thereby converting to ADP. When this happens the creatine comes in handy - giving back a phosphate molecule to the ADP and recreating ATP.

Muscle cells use creatine primarily to form creatine phosphate, a high-octane chemical which provides the energy needed for short, fast efforts. Creatine phosphate does this by 'donating' its phosphate to a chemical called ADP; this forms ATP, which provides the energy for all work done by muscle cells

In addition to supplying energy, creatine phosphate also acts as a 'buffer' which helps to downgrade increases in muscle and blood acidity during exercise. Creatine phosphate also carries energy from the part of the muscle cell where it is created to the part where it is actually used to make the muscle shorten. This energy-carrying process is absolutely essential for normal muscle function during exercise

Sodium phosphate appears to raise 2,3-DPG levels in red blood cells, making it easier for those cells to release oxygen to muscles (this is probably why phosphate supplementation has so often been linked with higher maximal aerobic capacities). The oxygen is then used to create energy, and the energy is carried to the right spot in muscles by creatine. Thus phosphate and creatine make a great, performance-promoting tandem.

Since phosphate boosts oxygen delivery to muscles, the heart doesn't have to work as hard during exercise (after all, its main job is oxygen delivery). That allows athletes to run at quality paces at a smaller percentage of their maximal heart rate, which gives them more cardiac 'reserve' for speedier running. Phosphate itself is also a buffer, and of course ingested phosphates can be used to form creatine phosphate and ATP, the important chemicals mentioned above.

Creatine is NOT a vitamin, mineral, herb, hormone, stimulant or steroid but is found naturally in the human body, and in most animals as well, where it is contained to nearly 95% in the muscles, and the rest in other body parts.

Serving Size: 3 Tablets
Servings Per Container: 30

Amoutn Per Serving
• Creatine Monohydrate 4800mg 
• Creatine Phosphate 190mg 
• Creatine Pyruvate 10mg 

Other Ingredients: Magnesium stearate, stearic acid, croscamellose sodium, cellulose and silicon dioxide.

As a dietary supplement, take three (3) tablets 30 to 45 minutes before and / or after training with 250ml - 350ml of juice or high carbohydrate beverage. It may be advisable to take this product in cycles: 4 to 6 weeks on, then 4 to 6 weeks off. Do not exceed 6 tablets per day.

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CREADRENE - The Ultimate Creatine Formulation!
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