Colicure (Advanced Homeopathic Gripe Water) 60ml
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Colicure (Advanced Homeopathic Gripe Water) 60ml
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Colicure (Advanced Homeopathic Gripe Water) 60ml
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What is Colicure?
100% Natural Colicure has been specially formulated to relieve symptoms of gas, reflux and colic in infants without harmful ingredients or side effects.  Colic is characterized as a period of time when babies are overly and abnormally irritable and seem to cry for no reason.   Colic is usually caused by allergic reactions, acid reflux, overstimulation or foods that cause gas and symptoms include hiccups, abdominal bloating, intestinal pain, trapped intestinal gas and sleeplessness.  
The main theory behind colic is that newborn babies have immature digestive systems that are still learning to digest food efficiently.  Newborn digestive systems also do not have bacterial flora that help aid digestion. 
Colicure Homeopathic Gripe Water works instantly, relieving symptoms of infant discomfort. Gripe water has been recommended by pediatricians for many years and allows parents and babies alike to experience relief from gas, reflux and colic. Colicure’s gentle formula provides safe and effective relief for infants without altering babies’ sensitive digestive system.  It may also stimulate the body’s self-healing properties.
Colicure Homeopathic Gripe Water can help babies adjust to new foods, provide relief for hiccups and soothe upset stomachs that occur during teething. 
What are the key ingredients in Colicure?
Chamomile: Chamomile is an herb that has been used traditionally as a soothing and relaxing agent.  It can decrease anxiety, resulting in feelings of calm and relaxation. Chamomile can also promote sleep.
Peppermint: Peppermint decreases digestive pain by relaxing the stomach and intestinal muscles, as well as speeding up digestion. It induces the expulsion of gas and stimulates the flow of bile. 
Fennel: Fennel has the ability to stop stomach spasms and cramping caused by indigestion and upset stomach.
Ginger: Ginger can relieve stomach upset and acid reflux.  It is primarily responsible for relieving nausea and increasing blood flow to the digestive system.
Aloe: Aloe can prevent the buildup of digestive gases in the stomach, intestines and colon. It can also reduce pain associated with digestive upset.
Caraway: Caraway is a powerful natural anti-flatulence remedy, in addition to relieving mild stomach and intestinal spams. It can also relieve heartburn and indigestion.
Serving Size: 1.25ml
Servings per Container: 48

Amount Per Serving:
• Chamomilla 3X
• Peppermint 3X
• Magnesium phosphate 30X
• Ginger 3X
• Black –thorn 3X
• Lemon Balm 3X
• Natrum Phosphate 6X
• Aloe 3X
• Carbo vegetabilis  6X
• Caraway 3X
• Fennel 6X
• Calcium Phosphate 6X

Other Ingredients: Glycerin USP, Potassium Sorbate USP, Citric acid USP, Xylitol.
For oral use only.

Dispense recommended dosage (according to dosage chart below) slowly into mouth between cheek and gums.  May be repeated once every 30 minutes for up to 3 doses, or as directed by a physician. Do not exceed 6 doses per day. Shake well before each use.

Weight Milliliter Dosage
Under 20lb (9kg) 1.25 ml (1/4 Teaspoon)
20lb (9kg) +  2.5 ml (1/2 Teaspoon)
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 Colicure 100% Natural Cure for Colic
• Homeopathic
• 100% Natural
• Relieves symptoms of gas, reflux and colic in infants
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