Princo DVD-R 50pk Spindle
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Princo DVD-R 50pk Spindle
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Princo DVD-R 50pk Spindle
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Princo Grade A High Quality 50x Spindle (16x speed) White Printable DVD-R Blanks

• Suitable for all mass data storage need 
• Suitable for DVD Video, Movie, images, and Data Backup 
• Compatible with most DVD players, DVD-ROMS and DVD burner 
• Capacity 4.7 GB 
• Disc dimensions 12cm 
• DVD R Standards Ver. 2.0 (4.7GB) 
• Read Once DVD 
• With a huge capacity 
• High Stability and Storage 
• Extremely high speed reading efficiency 

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Princo DVD-R 50pk Spindle
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